Cheating Schoolgirl Spanked in Classroom

Cheating Schoolgirl Spanked in Classroom

Ms Quinn is a strict teacher.. she’s also busty and beautiful. When she takes on a new class she makes sure that they know right from the outset that she does not tolerate cheating at all. What’s more she tells her class all of her classrules and she tells them what will happen if any girl should dare to break them… a severe paddling!

Unfortunately for this girl she must have been absent or missed that particular lesson because she has cheated in a test and left the evidence for the teacher at the end. Ms Quinn is not happy at all and this cute babe’s bottom will be very hot and angry aswell after Ms Kayla Quinn is done whacking it with her punishment paddle in these paddling movies.

She certainly does get a very red and sore ass as her teacher makes her take off that little skirt and those panties and beats her nice, round bottom with a long and thick, leather paddle with the naughty girl bending over the desk. Hard paddle smacks on a beautiful round bottom! There is yet more punishment as she is dragged over her teacher’s knee for some more OTK paddle punishment followed by a good long hand-spanking with her teacher’s wet hand so it stings all the more. See the girl’s full ordeal only at…

Bad Tushy Schoolgirl Spankings

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