Girls Catfight and Spanked as Punishment

19 y.o. schoolgirls start cat-fighting in class and are both spanked as a punishment

When two sexy 19 year olds start cat-fighting in class everything goes quiet for a second then the room erupts with noise as all their classmates cheer them on, enjoying the spectacle. In catfights, along with the wrestling and hair pulling there is often torn clothing and revealing of underwear, as in the photo above. But the fight ends just as it began, with a moment of hushed silence, as the stern teacher arrives and everyone drifts back to their seats leaving the angry teacher looking down on the two naughty girls*. That is when the punishment begins and these two girls are in for quite a spanking after their little display, see the sample catfight spanking photos.

Both ladies get a zealous OTK spanking on their gym knickers as they bend over teachers lap with their pleated skirts flipped up onto their backs. This teacher does not mess around and, feeling that her hand is not teaching the girls quite the lesson they deserve, she adds to their misery with a sound spanking with a gym shoe. Up to this point the two girls have had the pleasure of being able to wear their regulation school knickers but all that changes when during their caning the strict teacher makes them pull them down so she can deliver the last few strokes on their bare bottoms.

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