The Rude Houseguest

Sarah gets spanked by Chelsea when she is a rude and disrespectful houseguest

Sarah Gregory and Chelsea Pfeiffer have been two of my favourite spanking personalities for a long time. Looking at the two of them together they could almost be related – mother and daughter – so, of course, a spanking scene between the two of them is going to be amazing. Chelsea’s stern, hard-hitting and Sarah’s beautiful bottom and brattiness. Well, that’s just what happened…

Sarah is a house guest at Chelsea Pfeiffer’s for a few days while she is out on the West Coast doing some shooting. She is not being a very respectful guest when she leaves every light on, the water running, and the door open. Chelsea doesn’t need the camera’s running and a script to give Sarah a very hard bare bottom spanking.

Catch the rest of Sarah’s spanking adventures with an all-star cast of spankers and spankees at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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