How to Give a Good Spanking

Ariel X helps Chelsea Pfeiffer demonstrate How to Give a Good Spanking

I don’t know whether you’ve noticed this but there is more than one way to give a spanking. Some spankings look light, others look hard… some are light and some are really hard. Here, at Spank Bad Ass we think the harder the better, especially for really naughty ladies.

In this scene, Chelsea Pfeiffer has taken it upon herself to demonstrate how to give a Good Spanking, with the aid of Ariel X.

Ariel is looking foxy with what looks like a new hairstyle in her little vest and tight, pretty shorts. Chelsea is also looking good and very strict with sexy Ariel over her knee.

This demonstration begins with the hand and continues onto the hairbrush and then a plethora of different implements. Ideal for anyone learning how to spank, or just connoisseurs of good spanking technique. You can see from the above photos that Ariel’s bottom is spanked very hard indeed until her buttocks are bright red.

You can download this full spanking scene only at Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking.

Chelsea Pfeiffer's Good Spanking and Good Spanking Classics Websites

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