Nikki and Nena

It's Nikki's turn for a bottom warming and dose of the hairbrush

Nikki Rouge is a well-known spanking model and here she is partnered with a young lady, Nena, who has never been spanked. Nikki and Nena are both spanked by a very foxy-looking Clare Fonda in this sexy spanking threesome.

Nikki is a seasoned spankee. Tall and leggy she bucks and kicks while taking her spanking and promising to be a good little slut for “Mama Clare”. You may remember Nikki Rouge from Exclusive Education 5, on Girl Spanks Girl which is also available on Clare Fonda Pass!

Nena is a different story. She giggles, bites her hand and has about a hundred hysterical reactions as she confesses “I’ve never been spanked before.” This is Nena’s very first on-camera spanking and she was not spanked in real life. Her bottom gets red-raw and we believe her when she says – at the end of the scene – “Spanking hurts!”

Nikki gets a dose of the hairbrush and Nena gets her first ever spanking over Clare’s knee

Nena gets her first ever spanking over Clare's knee

You can watch the movie of this sexy threesome spanking only at Clare Fonda’s Spanked Call Girls website.

Spanked Callgirls

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