Triple A Spanking

British ladies Pandora and Leia-Ann Woods in Red Breakfast

Today’s update comes from new British spanking website: Triple A Spanking! This scene has all the ingredients to get you hot and bothered: two sexy British spanking models Leia-Ann Woods and Pandora Blake, a strict spanker: Jean Bradley, and a very eventful breakfast time…

Leia-Ann and Pandora are having their breakfast but they don’t seem to be in any hurry to get ready for school! The girls are being looked after by Miss Bradley who knows every trick in the book when girls will try anything to wriggle out of going to school and these two are no exception! She has received a text from the Admin Office which informs her of their absence & late arrivals so she is well aware that they are lying when she confronts them. Each girl is taken over her knee and given a solid sound spanking with their pyjamas pulled down! Pandora is especially lippy and gets an extra dose of the hard wooden hairbrush which soon makes her squeal as Miss Bradley tries to instill more discipline and order into these brats to motivate them not to get thrashed again and get themselves off to school!

Triple A Spanking

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