Sinn’s Study Break

Sinn Sage becomes bored with her studies and coaxes her study-mate Cheyenne Jewel into some naughty spanking adventures

It feels like we’re getting re-aquainted with Sinn Sage at the moment. The cute and sexy brunette with the bubble butt and the glasses never went away but we probably neglected her for a while.

Here she is in a recent update with Cheyenne Jewel where she has lured her classmate over to her bedroom on false pretenses. The two babes are dressed in their schoolgirl* outfits which are knee-high socks, short, pleated plaid skirts and tiny blouses. Cheyenne thought that they were going to study together but Sinn’s idea is a lot more sexy than that. She wants to “study” her girlfriend’s ass. “But how do you do that?” her friend asks. “You can grab it.. feel it.. smack it..” The start of this movie is actually very funny as Sinn gets bored with her studies and turns her thoughts to her friend’s tushy…

Sinn spanks her girlfriend, Cheyenne, with a white paddle

And, of course, with this being Sinn there is also plenty of studying of her own bottom as the two ladies go through her collection of spanking implements…

Cheyenne ends up swinging a leather strap at the gorgeous Sinn Sage before they embrace together on the bed

This is a sweet and very sexy scene. Sinn Sage is very cute indeed and she plays with a lot of her friends in the scenes on her website. Sinn with almost anyone would be a nice scene but when she plays with some of the hottest pornstars and fetish models, it’s almost unbearably sexy. There is plenty of nudity and close-ups and many of the scenes, this scene with Cheyenne included, end up in some sexy lesbian touching with both girlfriends very well spanked indeed.

For a whole lot more sexy girl-on-girl spanking check out Sinn’s website Spank Sinn!

Spank Sinn

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

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