Lana Spanking Clare Fonda

Clare Fonda is a switch so you may have seen her giving and receiving a spanking but you’ve not seen anything til you see her get a very hard spanking from Lana…

Lana Spanking Clare Fonda hard OTK

Lana is the strict Principal / Headmistress from “Exclusive Education” who spanks incredibly hard. You don’t realise just how hard she is spanking until you see “Exclusive Education 2” where she is spanking a girl at the same time as Kayla Synz and it doesn’t look like Kayla is doing anything but both girls are howling.

Anyway, a hard OTK from Lana is pretty much as hard as it gets so of course we want to see Clare Fonda get a good, hard dose of her big, hard hand.. that’s just what you get at Spanked Sweeties. In this spanking Clare moves her hand to try and protect her bottom quicker than any girl in any spanking I’ve ever seen… it’s a pretty long hard spanking and the final 50 looks more like 65 and really gives Clare a very rosy, red bottom. Must see…

Lana Spanking Clare Fonda hard OTK

See this HARD Spanking @ Spanked Sweeties

4 thoughts to “Lana Spanking Clare Fonda”

  1. Loved it! But Lana should have been wearing a short skirt showing her shapely, ebony legs! Let’s see more of this kind of action!

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