Spanking Tabitha James

Tabitha James getting an OTK at Spanked Sweeties

One thing we love about Spanked Sweeties is that aswell as having favorite girls who are spanked again and again there are new girls appearing on the site all the time.

Tabitha James is one girl who we’ve noticed has popped up recently. She’s sweet, with long hair a little, curvy body and nerdy glasses. She could be the brainy teacher’s pet in school, she certainly suits that role well. Maybe that’s why it is especially pleasing to see her get turned over a lap for a good spanking.

She’s a good girl who always does her homework and studies hard but even good girls make mistakes. Because she is not a bratty trouble-maker she is not used to getting told off, let alone spanked. But rules are rules. The bad girls get spanked when they misbehave so the punishment should be just as strict for this little teacher’s pet when she breaks the rules…

Tabitha features in a very hot girl-girl spanking scene in which she, three classmates and their teacher (Kay Richards) all get spanked in class. The picture below shows how her father spanks her ass when she gets home and he discovers what she has done…

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