Kylie Exam Cheating

Naughty student spanked with a riding crop for cheating in a school test

There is more trouble at Bad Tushy School! This time cute student, Kylie, has been caught reading her notes in the middle of a test. Her teacher is furious. Not only did she tell all her students the rules but she also took the time to write them on the blackboard. Right away you know that Kylie is in for a painful time in these classroom spanking movies

As soon as the sexy teacher realises that Kylie is hiding a piece of paper she rushes over to her desk, pulls up her top and searches over her body for the exidence. She finds the evidence she’s looking for near Kylie’s teen boobs but there is no time for modesty at Bad Tushy when you’ve just been caught breaking the rules and the class is treated to a perfect view of her lovely tits before she is heaved over the teachers desk for her spanking. The riding crop over the denim skirt is kinda nice but the hand spanking is the best thing here as naughty Kylie’s panties are yanked down and her angry teacher raises her hand and spanks that ass with medium to hard force.. over and over. A very nice disciplinary spanking..

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