Michaela McGowen

Bratty princess, Michaela McGowen bends over in the livingroom for a dose of the strap on her plump bottom

In the College Discipline series at Firm Hand Spanking we are treated to the lovely Michaela McGowen’s lovely bottom this week. As they say in the description, “If there’s a bottom designed for spanking, Michaela McGowen owns it!” That is certainly true, she does have a delightful bottom, but more than that this little American princess is also sexy and has her spoilt brat act down to a tee. What can be more sexy that a beautiful lady acting up and throwing a tantrum before being made to bend over and bare her lovely rump for a slow and thoughtful punishment. Here she is getting the leather strap for letting her college grades slide. In her bratty, indignant way she cries, “I’m going to call my dad and let him know exactly what you’re doing to his little princess!” But her protests fall on deaf ears. She bends over in high heels that make her lovely, juicy booty position at just the right angle for the strap. We see the leather strap make her delicious globes jiggle and bounce as her panties come down for 20 hard strokes.

Michaela McGowen bends over in heels that make her lovely, juicy booty position at just the right angle for the strap

Michaela is very pretty and if you like little, bratty 18+ princesses you’ll love her. Her style is quite similar to the just-as-pretty and equally bratty, Samantha Woodley, and you can see them both pout, squirm and yell as they get punished for various misdemeanors at Firm Hand Spanking!

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