Ms Quinn

Ms Quinn spanks a girl in another FF spanking movie

Today, we have a kind of tribute to a very sexy spanking lady: Ms Kayla Quinn. Ms Quinn is the complete package. She is good looking with big boobs (that she is not afraid to show off with a low-cut dress) and not only does she spank hard but she has a mean line in lectures as she spanks her naughty students. See her in action in the first of these classroom spanking movies.

Like the teacher says, she will not tolerate insubordination in her classroom and the naughty girl is soon bending over the desk as her ass is paddled by her busty teacher.

In the second clip there is some delicious “backhanded spanking”. Ms Quinn is facing us with the paddle in her right hand and kinda flicking it out to paddle the girl who is just to her right. As she’s spanking away from her body her big, bra-less boobs jiggle very enticingly. Some of the perks with a big-boobed spanking are seeing the occasional flash of nipple, some excellent down-blouse action, a nipple poking through a tight top, and in this case, a nice big breast swinging gently with each stroke.

Bad Tushy has plenty of FF spankings that are hard but not too severe, they leave the girls with very red bottoms and often teary eyes. Many of the spankers are busty women like Kayla Quinn and Daphne Rosen… while the girls are all very cute indeed. Check them out at…

Bad Tushy

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