Ariel X gives Kay Richards a birthday spanking

Ariel X gives Kay Richards a birthday spanking

If anyone has ever watched a movie of Kay Richards getting spanked and having to count out the swats, you’ll have seen how bad she is at keeping count when she’s over the knee. I remember one time when she was spanked by Madison Young and the spanking had to start from scratch many times before she finally counted to the end. This week there is plenty more spanking with numbers as it is Kay’s 25th birthday… and even more trouble with numbers!

It’s Kay’s 25th birthday. Layla calls her into her office to give Kay 25 swats with a large yardstick. When Kay gets home, her ex-girlfriend Ashley (Ariel X) greets her for another birthday spanking. Ashley gives Kay plenty of spanks over her dress, panties, and bare. Her roomie Madison must work late, so she calls the maid, Rosario Stone, to have her give Kay more birthday spankings. Since the Maid has trouble with English, she loses count MANY times.

Ariel X gives Kay Richards a birthday spanking

Kay Richards is the birthday girl who is going to get a very red bottom. Kay has been a spanking model since she was the tender age of 18 and has had many birthday bun beatings. She has told people that it is her special day and they use this to get her sweet and fair skinned bottom, which gets oh so very red and speckled, over their knees and give her so many birthday spankings that she loses count. Kay confessed that she found it exciting being spanked by pretty girls on her birthday. She squealed and giggled, her pretty pussy got very wet, and when she was finally allowed to stand up and see just how blazing red her buns were- she let out a gasp! Kay Richards is one of the spanking models who likes it rough. Watch Kay get spanked by many hot ladies, girlfriends, co workers, even her maid! Ladies like to pass girls like Kay from one knee to another because they know she needs it, and deep in her heart – wants it!

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