Rachel Spanks her Naughty Daughter for Sneaking Out

Rachel spanks Chandra for sneaking out on a week night

When cute babe, Chandra, admits to her Mom that she sneaked out of the house the night before to go to a party, her Mom is furious. The Mom, Rachel, wants her daughter to study during the week and does not approve of her going to parties to drink and hanging around with guys. Life has been tough for Rachel raising her daughter alone. She deals with this behavior the only way she can, and that’s with a hard spanking…

The buxom MILF drags her teen daughter over her lap and starts whacking her bum over her pajamas but the seriousness of her daughters actions mean that angry Rachel has to yank those pajama bottoms completely off and give Chandra a long, hard spanking on her bare bottom while she is over the knee. The naughty girl wriggles and yells but the firm Mom holds her in position and keeps the smacking hard and fast on her squirming butt.

Next, when she has warmed the girl’s bottom with her hand and got it nice and red it’s time for the belt. But first, while she’s still OTK she makes her daughter ask her for the belt. At first, she starts complaining and wriggling but when it’s clear that she’s going to get it whatever, she says “Mommy, please spank me with the belt!”

Rachel makes Chandra kneel on all fours over a pile of pillows on the middle of the bed while she goes off to get a belt.. It’s a long, thick, leather belt that she folds in two and holds by the ends. Still angry that her daughter could disobey her and break the rules like that, Rachel swings back the belt and strikes her squarely across the butt cheeks. The first 12 smacks come in quick succession then a slight change in position and another 20, hard and fast.

Are you starting to learn your lesson? “Yes, Ma’am!”

But, the punishment has just begun. The sexy, busty Mom wearing only her nightgown straps her daughters bottom with the belt, lecturing her the whole time as the cute girl squeals and answers politely with “Yes, Ma’am” as her Mom tells her to stick her bare butt up higher in the air for her belt spanking. Very nice indeed…

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