Strict Alicia Spanks her two Cousins

Strict Cousin Alicia informs the two brunettes that she's just as strict as she used to be

“Strict Cousin” is the story of two ladies, Ten and Mary Jane, who were spanked by their older cousin, Alicia Panettiere, when they were growing up. Now, they are grown up and are staying with her again, the two brunette beauties are informed that they will now be punished in an even more intense manner.

Mary Jane's amazing, round, bare booty gets a hard OTK spanking

This is a feature-length spanking movie that has a running time of 100 minutes. It shows Alicia really getting to grips with her two younger cousins. There are some nice OTK scenes with one girl doing cornertime while the other gets a bare bottom spanking, there’s even a nice nightwear scene with Alicia in her nightdress spanking the two ladies in their PJ’s.

If you like domestic-style, disciplinary spanking you’ll love this movie, and if you like sexy ladies with amazing round booty’s getting a good OTK spanking you’ll love it too. Both Mary Jane and Ten have wonderful firm, round bottoms that were just made to be spanked! Mary Jane especially is becoming a favorite spanking model, while Ten maybe slightly newer but her lovely booty is just as nice. Both girls can take a nice, hard spanking and seeing them get spanked together at the end of the movie is absolutely priceless…

Ten looks full of remorse as Alicia spanks her, with Clare spanking Mary Jane in tandem

As in all good spanking movies there is a twist in the tail of this story. Alicia does not get everything her own way and the ladies’ mom, Clare Fonda, gives her a hard hairbrush thrashing that makes her squeal and squirm…

This domestic spanking update with two lovely round bubble butts comes from the all-new “Strict Cousin” feature at Clare Fonda’s Girl Spanks Girl.

Clare Fonda's Girl Spanks Girl

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