Two spanked in PJs

Strict cousin Alicia spanks Mary Jane's round, bubble butt over her knee

Here’s some more from the feature-length “Strict Cousin” movie from Girl Spanks Girl! This is the second scene when the two naughty ladies Ten and Mary Jane are both in their pajamas and strict cousin Alicia is in her pink nightdress.

Ten watches from the sofa as Mary Jane’s lovely round bottom gets first handspanked and then spanked with Alicia’s slipper. Then, it’s Ten’s turn to go over Alicia’s lap…

Ten's pajamas and panties are pulled down as her bare bottom is spanked hard over Alicia's knee

It’s late but both girls are well-spanked by the time they are sent to the corner to do their cornertime with rosy, bare bottoms showing…

Ten and Mary Jane do their corner time with their pajama bottoms still pulled down

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