“Back in the Day” Girl Spanking

Girls spanked in back in the day movies

Back in the day it didn’t matter what the situation was, if a girl was bad she deserved a spanking – wherever she was, whatever she was doing. As such, when three naughty girls get caught by Clare Fonda and Veronica Daniels in this old-fashioned movie we’re in for a girl-on-girl spank-fest.

This is a full length spanking feature and the story begins with Veronica volunteering to look after her two neices for a few days to teach them some discipline. We flash back to her spanking her own daughter for smoking and we know that there will be some very red bottoms… All three girls get a jolly good over the knee spanking on their bare bottoms. Both Clare and Veronica are hard spankers and on this day they must be particularly upset by the girls’ behavior because the girls get some very hard hand-spankings from the no-nonsense ladies. And, as you can see from the above photo, this is makes for quite a scene.

The three girls getting spanked here are Rosario Stone (getting spanked on the left), Addie Juniper (redhead being spanked on the right) and Kay Richards (brunette in pigtails watching the other two girls). Watch the full movie at…

Clare Fonda’s Girl Spanks Girl

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