Clare Fonda’s Truth or Dare Spankings

Clare Fonda's Truth or Dare Spankings

Every girl should be totally prepared when she starts a game of truth or dare as Clare Fonda demonstrates in this hot spanking movie. Clare and Mistress Lori are drinking red wine and having fun when they decide to spice things up a little. While Lori chooses “truth”, Clare takes a dare and is soon flipped over Lori’s knee for a spanking dare.

While it’s just a part of a game Lori takes the spanking very seriously, it is after all a spanking, and spankings are always on the bare, are they not? Clare’s tender white buttocks get bared and spanked. After all the spanking from Lori and another girl (I’ve momentarily forgotten the other girls name) Clare’s bottom gets very pink indeed. Lets see whether she says “truth” next time…

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