Pixie Caught Tagging

Clare catches Amber Pixie Wells tagging so pulls her over her knee for a spanking

Amber Pixie Wells is one of the most famous spanking models in the world, and in this update from My Spanking Roommate you can see why. At the start of the scene it’s a hot day and both she and Clare Fonda are dressed for the sun. Pixie is wearing a very nice blue dress which hugs her figure and shows off her boobs deliciously. She is tanned allover and is looking hotter than ever, on what must have been a very hot day. At the beginning of this scene Amber flirts with Clare, bending over and pushing her tits in Clare’s face, very sexy indeed. Clare is looking equally hot and quite slutty in her tight t-shirt and miniskirt.

Pixie is sometimes called Pixie and sometimes, as in this case, she’s going with the name Amber Wells…

When Clare catches Amber tagging again, she spanks her over her knee with her hand, puts her in the corner with her panties in her mouth, then spanks her hard with a haribrush. Maybe Amber will finally learn to never tag again.

Both ladies are looking incredibly sexy with their slim waists and figure-hugging outfits that show off their boobs. Even though it’s a spanking, boobs are still important! Pixie looks great over Clare’s knee, it looks very natural, like it was meant to be that way. Her nice golden bottom is complemented by Clare’s pale right arm as she swings that wooden hairbrush down again. Ouch!

Amber's lovely bare bottom gets very red from the hairbrush spanking

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