2 on 1 Lesbian Whipping

2 on 1 Lesbian Whipping vids

When 3 kinky girls get together in a dungeon with strapons, restraints and whips the two dominant girls are bound to pick on the submissive babe. That’s just what happens in these whipping movies as the redheaded babe gets whipped and fucked by her two lesbian friends.

Somehow when it comes to spanking, or in this case whipping, girls can often go for broke and really lay into a girl whereas a man would hold back and be a little gentler. This gallery is a prime example of this as the two Dommes really give the redheaded babe a rough time with the whip and the strapon. As you can see, she is a true sub and loves every second of it. And just look at how red her ass gets!!!

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Whipped Ass

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