Mother Spanks Sarah

Cassandra pulls down Sarah's panties

With it being mother’s day recently, what better thing to have than a spanked-by-mother scene.

Here, long-suffering mom, Cassandra Park, has just arrived back from vacation to find her daughter, Sarah Gregory, has been sleeping in her bed, but not only that, she finds a packet of condoms in the bed too. It looks like her daughter has been using her bed for sex. She confronts Sarah about her discovery only to be lied to by the spoilt brat. There is only one solution for this and that is to drag naughty Sarah over her knee and pull down her panties for a long-awaited and much-needed spanking.

Sarah Gregory’s bottom looks amazing from this angle! Delicious…

Sarah Gregory's bare bottom looks amazing!

And then it’s back to the spanking. Cassandra (she’s also called Sandra or Ms Park) is an experienced spanker and deals with Sarah very firmly indeed. After spanking her luscious bare bottom with her hand she grabs a wooden hairbrush and gives her a nice hard paddling to finish off the punishment.

Ms Park continues to spank Sarah's bottom with her hand and a wooden hairbrush

Ms Park continues to spank Sarah’s bottom with her hand and a wooden hairbrush

It’s a lovely reminder of the role of mother’s in our community 🙂 Ms Park gives Sarah a generous dose of tough love that warms the heart! You can see plenty more of Sarah Gregory’s lovely bottom getting spanked and slapped at her website Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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