Wicked Stepmother

When this bratty babe comes home late she is confronted by her wicked Stepmother. Not only is her new Mom strict, she is also a practitioner of corporal punishment and coming home late with an attitude is just the type of behavior that this girl will learn to expect a good, hard caning from. What follows is a long, all-girl spanking in these “Wicked Stepmother” spanking movie clips.

I like the strict stepmother and her naughty daughter who continues her bratty behavior well into the punishment. To cure the naughty girl of opening her mouth unneccessarily the Mom makes her hold a cane in her mouth as she is spanked on her bare bottom. If the cane falls to the ground she knows there will be a good, hard caning added to her punishment.

As well as being a good, hard spanking session this scene is also noteworthy for the interesting OTK-style spanking. The girl lays over the Stepmother’s knee with her legs wide apart either side of her spanker and her hands on a footstool. This unusual position means that her pretty bottom is nicely suspended for some hard whacks. Because of how the girl is positioned her bottom springs back to position after each smack so she is always presenting her bottom beautifully for the next slap.

You could definitely say that this is a perfect spanking, as it can be seen on the new spanking site…

Perfect Spanking

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