Kay Richards gets Paddled

Kay Richards gets Paddled

I think I’ve talked about this Girl Spanks Girl update before but I just found the photo on my harddisk and it is a very nice spanking movie so here we go! Kay Richards is one of my favorite babes, especially here where she’s getting spanked and paddled OTK. Kay is not the only girl getting spanked here, she is the daughter of Clare Fonda when her two cousins come to stay.. Of course, all hot chicks get some good spankings. Here Kay demonstrates to the spanking newbies how to take a hard paddling on her bare bottom. Another very nice update to download from…

Girl Spanks Girl

One thought to “Kay Richards gets Paddled”

  1. Wow. I must say that my own (real life) mom never used a paddle on me, lol. Good thing looks bad. However, she DID use her slipper on my bottom more than once. It hurt pretty good, lol.

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