Sophia Locke

Naughty Sophia Locke is in trouble when her mother, Snow Mercy, opens a letter from school

Sophia Locke is an adorable lifestyle submissive as well as fetish model. She talks to Clare Fonda on Spanked Sweeties about spankings from her mom as well as her present day discipline from her Master. In this scene Sophia’s mother opens a letter from school, her mother is played by none other than fan favourite, Snow Mercy.

Snow gets Sophia in a leglock as she spanks her bare bottom

What I like about this scene is firstly the two ladies: Snow Mercy and Sophia Locke are two beautiful ladies and this is the first time I’ve seen lovely Sophia and her big bottom. Secondly, this has a real-life feel to it, especially when Snow grabs Sophia in a vice-like grip with her legs.

Big-bottom redhead Sophia Locke gets spanked by strict Snow Mercy gallery

We admire Sophia's well-spanked bottom as she stands up from her OTK spanking

See and hear lots more about Sophia Locke from her interview and spanking scenes at Spanked Sweeties!

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