Mistress Gemini

Mistress Gemini really enjoys her work as she spanks a naughty bare bottom

Sometimes it seems like spankings are all about the spankee, the beautiful babe who is getting her ass smacked and wailing and wriggling about, so it’s always good to see a spanking movie where the girls are definitely not the focus. Today’s clips comes from the “School For Spanking” DVD and features Mistress Gemini chastising two very naughty girls, see the sample spanking movie clips.

Mistress Gemini seems to steal the limelight because she’s attractive with bright red hair and an obvious passion for spanking. This is NOT a “going through the motions” kind of spanking – Gemini spanks both girls with a strong arm and a look of absolute glee on her face.

In the third clip the girl with the darker brown hair is over her knee and Mistress Gemini is spanking her with a black strap. She is strapping hard and the girl is very uncomfortable after all the spanking she’s received up to this point but the cruel lady keeps her in position by wrapping a strong leg around and holding her in a vice-like grip while spanking her naughty bottom. Yikes!

Watch the Full Movie at Perfect Spanking

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