Spanking at the Vicarage

Correction at the Vicarage spanking movies

The vicar had asked two local girls round to help clean the church but instead the naughty ladies decided to cavort naked, skinny-dipping, in his private pool. To teach them a lesson the old vicar decides to spank them both the two ladies agree as long as he doesn’t tell their parents… well, if that is the case he’d better give them a good strapping and a caning too… see for yourself in these vicarage spanking movies.

Both girls have cute English faces (this is an English discipline movie) the blonde is quite slim but the brunette has these huge boobs. There is something very appealing about a busty young woman getting her bum smacked. Especially when, like this is, we are treated to a tasty spanking storyline and two very round, red bottoms. For the final caning the girls are stripped naked and he makes them spread their legs wide showing off their cute little pussies and red bottoms as they wait patiently for the cane.

By the end the girls are very sorry but will the vicar keep his word and not tell their parents? Find out at…

Perfect Spanking

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