Carly’s Caning

Carly's Caning

Here is another celebration of the pert, round, English bottom. Carly’s bum is all of these things and more… see some samples in this “Carlys Caning” movie gallery.

When Carly is caught masturbating on the sofa by her uncle she knows that she is in trouble. She tries in vain to talk her way out of it but in the end nothing can prevent her from going over the knee with her beautiful bare bottom getting a good hand-spanking. This is not the first time that Carly has got into trouble; after the spanking she bends over for the paddle and ends up being caned in the nude… By the end of the caning naughty Carly is very tearful!

I like blonde babe Carly (and her pretty bottom) a lot, I also like the way she has a hand in her knickers and a hand inside her blouse so she can touch her breast as she’s masturbating. When it comes the spanking does not disappoint and as she’s on her knees over the sofa we can see the porno mag just next to her as she’s caned.

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Perfect Spanking

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