Lazy babes spanked and caned by the Boss

Lazy babes spanked and caned by the Boss

Live-in personal assistants, Joanie and Amanda, are disciplined at work by their boss for bad behaviour with frequent spankings in return for large paychecks and benefits. It seems like their latest misdemeanor has been their unacceptable failure to finish off an important presentation. For their lack of motivation they might have lost their jobs but the boss relishes another chance to smack both girls’ naughty bottoms. After the spankings they are sent to their bedrooms but instead of going to bed the naughty employees take turns slapping each other’s bottom in a silly spanking game. The boss hears the commotion and is unimpressed with the two and continues by paddling and caning the two sexy secretaries in the nude individually and finally side-by-side.

You can download some samples from this British Spanking movie in these “Caned fot Benefits” sample clips.

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