Academy of Riding movies

Academy of Riding movies

When two girls ask for work at the Academy of Riding stables the owner of the stables does not have the work for them so she turns them away. But, the girls do not want to go away and they keep coming back to pet and play with the horses. The lady boss is obviously very concerned about their behaviour so she does some investigating and finds out that the two girls have been employed by another local stable and were recently dismissed. When the two troublesome girls return again the Mistress of the stables decides to confront them. It’s obvious that they just want to work with the horses so the Mistress decides to give them an initiation so that they are both well-behaved and disciplined while working for her.

The initiations take the form of some very firm spankings, as you can see in these sample spanking movies.

The two girls are very cute. The girl with very short, blonde hair is an American, she’s the shorter of the two girls and has a very nice, round bottom. The other girl is English and is taller with longer, blonde hair, she is almost flirty as she lies across a chest and the Mistress straps her naughty bottom. The Mistress of the stables is an elegant, English brunette, her tight working clothes show off her fine figure and her upper-class English accent is perfect for reprimanding and instructing the two naughty girls.

The spankings are hard and after starting off over the girls’ trousers, clothes are stripped away and the strapping and caning is on their bare behinds. With 3 hot ladies and some hard spanking action this is one of our favorite movies. You can watch it all at…

Perfect Spanking

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