Happy Anniversary Spanking

Spoiled Sarah Gregory gets a firm OTK spanking from her boyfriend, Zach

In the “Ungrateful Girlfriend” spanking movie it’s Sarah Gregory and her boyfriend’s first year anniversary. To celebrate he takes her out to a fancy restaurant, but it doesn’t quite meaure up to Sarah’s high standards and she is soon complaining that he should have taken her somewhere nicer. Zach, the boyfriend, bites his tongue and instead presents bratty Sarah with a lovely ring as a gift, but even the ring is not good enough for Sarah. She tells him that her girlfriends get taken out to much nicer places and get given rings encrusted with diamonds. It’s clear that Sarah is acting in a spoiled and bratty way and so Zach sets out to teach the lady he loves a valuable lesson and gives her an old-fashioned bare bottom spanking.

Spoiled Sarah Gregory gets a firm OTK spanking from her boyfriend, Zach, in “Ungrateful Girlfriend”

As you can see the results are spectacular, as always with Sarah Gregory. You can see the full movie only at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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  1. I have missed Sara Faye very much. She was one of the standouts of Exclusive Education I think year 4. She seems like a tough little girl but still very pretty. Thank you for featuring her on your blog.

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