Pink Heels and a Red Bottom

The two ladies are surprised when Sarah's dad comes home early

This is the first part of the “Burn Sinner Burn” movie that sees Galas Loonar and Sarah Gregory getting spanked by Sarah’s dad for dressing up like sluts to go out to a club. The old man came home early and caught them as they’re about to leave dressed in their slutty outfits. Sarah’s dad is a preacher so he does not appreciate his daughter wearing a very short dress and going to a night club, especially when her friend looks like a hooker. Galas is dressed in a see-thru, red fishnet dress with black stockings and pink heels… And so, Galas is the first to go over the knee…

Pretty blonde gets her big, round bottom spanked hard as Sarah watches

…the curvy, perxide blonde with the shapely bottom gets a good spanking and that big, round bottom looks very good over a knee. Sarah watches as her friend gets put through her paces and gets a nice, red bottom to match those sexy pink heels.

Pretty blonde gets her big, round bottom spanked hard as Sarah watches gallery

After this it’s Sarah’s turn to go over her daddy’s knee for a spanking, as she gets her bottom spanked Galas rubs her reddened bottom in the background, very sexy indeed. You can see the full movie only at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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