Chelsea spanks Cherry!

Chelsea Pfeiffer spanks Cherry

Today we bring you a recent scene from Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking with new spankee, Cherry. I don’t think I’ve seen Cherry before in spanking so she must be new-ish to the world of OTK. Judging by her tolerance I think she must be new because even at the beginning when the hairbrush comes out quite quickly she is certainly feeling the pain from the spanking already. This is part of the “Chelsea Spanks” series so there’s little or no storyline here. Cherry just shows up at Chelsea’s front door and it’s right down to business. As you can see Cherry is a petite babe whose skinny jeans show off her long legs and tight butt. She actually looks quite familiar, she is certainly memorable with the tattoo of two cherries on her lower back and a lovely pink bottom at the end.

It’s a very nice scene with two lovely ladies! Chelsea starts off by sitting on the spanking couch and telling Cherry which way to lie across her lap, then it’s all spanking. There is plenty of handspanking and wooden implements here with Chelsea using both the wooden hairbrush and wooden paddle on lovely Cherry’s bottom. There are some lovely closeups of Cherry’s pretty face as she winces from the painful stings in her rear, and of course, Chelsea is as good as ever.

Check out this full spanking movie and many more spanking scenes with and without storylines at Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking.

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