Ebony babe Sally slippered to Tears

Ebony babe Sally slippered to Tears

Sally is a beautiful ebony babe! She has a pretty face with a slim body, nice breasts and a very round, black ass. She has enrolled in the Girls Boarding School and seems to have a knack of always getting into trouble. In these hard spanking movies the naughty lady is slippered over a large marble table.

Girl’s are not spanked for fun at this school and as such the spanking is very hard. Even at the start when she is bending forwards over the table and she still has her black trousers on the force of the smacks against her rear are enough to make her start to cry. Plenty of hard smacks later and Sally’s trousers are pulled down. Her panties do not cover her bottom so the sight of a brown bottom framed by a pair of black panties and black trousers getting a good whacking is extremely hot. Them, with her trousers still down Sally is flipped over onto her back and the slipper spanking continues with her in the diaper position.

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Girls Boarding School

3 thoughts to “Ebony babe Sally slippered to Tears”

  1. I found it very exciting watching the bum of
    Sally’s tight trousers being given a long hot
    slippering. Did she feel it through her trousers?
    How did it feel? Did the slipper sting? Was she
    left with a hot bum?

    Let’s hear from you Sally! Has the bum of your
    trousers ever been caned? (You can let me know
    about your cp experiences by email.)

  2. I loved this spanking. I also deserve to be spanked every day like this – so if anyone in the UK thinks they can spank me hard and fast with a slipper let me know..

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