Lisa gets a real good spanking…

Naughty Lisa learns to Obey the Rules

Lisa from the Girls Boarding School is HOT! Not only does she look nice with a sexy slim body but she can also take a very hard spanking. The episode where Lisa was caught drinking wine springs to mind but there have been a few times when the teachers have had to discipline naughty Lisa by baring her bottom for the strap or cane. This latest spanking movie shows Lisa getting a very hard OTK spanking and strapping until real tears flow down her cheeks.

Talking of cheeks, just take a look at the second clip to see Lisa lying over the knee with her long, slender legs resting behind her and her delicious round bottom getting slapped really hard – it really is a sight to behold as Lisa in her pigtails wriggles and squirms around. The guy does such a good job of spanking poor Lisa that by the time its time for the strapping she’s already very sore. This means that every kiss of the strap hurts a lot, even when it is not full-force. Lisa’s rosy red bottom is on fire but it is a lesson she really does need to learn…

Girls Boarding School

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