Shay Golden

Shay Golden gets spanked by Clare Fonda OTK on her denim hotpants

Shay Golden is a brand new pornstar on the scene, but this is the strapping blonde’s very first spanking scene. Shay also talks about some of her real life spankings when she was growing up. It turns out that this sexy beauty was spanked by mom, dad and even grandpa with both the hand and the paddle. This memories like these from her interview, re-enacting those memories was always going to be very erotic. In the first of four different scenes Shay looks like a pretty girl-next-door in her tight daisy dukes. Clare Fonda plays her mom and has cause to drag her over her lap for a hard spanking. First of all she gets hand spanked on those tight, denim shorts, then they get pulled down and her bare ass cheeks are spanked with her only wearing a very skimpy thong. Finally, Shay’s thong is yanked right down and the naughty lady is really given a good spanking on her bare bottom.

Shay Golden gets spanked by Clare Fonda OTK in her daisy dukes

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  1. Another great new model. I want to see how hard Shay Golden can spank. Please post any fem dom features you have on her.

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