Office Caning for Naughty Christina

Office Caning for Naughty Christina Lee

In “One Last Chance” Christina Lee has been driving her boss crazy by mis-filing and losing important papers at work. He has had to punish Christina several times before for sloppy and inaccurate work but the punishments have not improved Christina’s performance. He tells her sternly that it is “One Last Chance”!

The boss decides that a good hard spanking followed by some serious cane strokes should help his naughty employee to get the message and dramatically improve her work. Christina, looking nerdy in her work glasses, bends over the office desk then its skirt up and knickers down for the naughty secretary as her boss smacks her big, white bottom with his hand. When he’s done warming her ass cheeks with the hand-spanking it’s time to continue Christina’s richly deserved lesson, this time with the cane!!

See the sample clips here… “One Last Chance” spanking movies

Spank Christina

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