Aunt Edna’s Bare Bottom Spanking

Aunt Edna's Bare Bottom Spanking

Aunt Edna is finally on the receiving end of a sound bare bottom spanking and paddling at the hands of her long suffering boyfriend. Yes, it seems we have some new spankers in Christina’s life and aswell as spanking Christina Lee, now Edna gets spanked for Christina’s naughtiness. For her inability to control her naughty neice, Aunt Edna gets a long overdue lesson!!

If you’ve ever seen Edna spanking Christina and noticed her big boobs and thought to yourself that she’s actually pretty cute this spanking is for you. The sexy older lady gets her big, round bottom well spanked before she kneels and bends over the sofa for some very hard paddling on her sore bottom. At the end the big, white bottom is a very red color and we get the feeling that Edna has not been as strict with Christina as she might have been… watch out Christina…

Aunt Edna gets spanked OTK in “She had it Coming!” clips

Spank Christina

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  1. I would love to be put over a womens Knee, my pants down around my ankles and paddled on my bare butt untill it is a very deep red.

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