Ten’s hard punishment spanking

Dan yanked Ten's hair back to make sure she's listening to him

Ten Amorette is looking for a sugar daddy and makes the mistake of contacting one of Momma Clare’s most loyal clients- Double Dan, who spanks Ten VERY hard. This is some hard M/f disipline for a girl who got out of line. Ten Amorette is a heavy player and knowing this she was able to take the hardest M/F spanking on Spanked Call Girls. Ten gets a mean talking to and gets her hair pulled to make sure she’s listening as Dan tells her off, and at the same time her big round bottom is spanked very hard, as you can see in these screenshots from the actual movie…

Ten Amorette's lovely, big, round bottom gets a very hard MF spanking

This is a good ol’ fashioned MF punishment. Obviously some spanking models, especially newer ones, do not have a very high tolerance and cannot take that much punishment. Ten on the other hand has felt quite a few spankings, but even her limits seemed to be pushed a little here as she is dealt with very firmly indeed.

You can watch this full spanking movie and many more naughty callgirls getting their sexy rumps spanked hard at Clare Fonda’s kinky Spanked Call Girls website.

Spanked Callgirls

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