Bryanna’s Stepmom Spanks – Part 1

Bryanna's Stepmom spanks her naughty bottom in front of her girlfriend

When naughty Bryanna brings a girlfriend home on report day her Stepmom is surprised, especially since Bryanna is not a model student. Her last reportcard read “F” and she was spanked before, and now, with her friend present, she’ll be spanked again for her latest sub-standard grade.

“One Day you’ll thank me for this, Bryanna!” lectures the Stepmom clearly as she spanks her naughty daughter over the knee with a continuing array of very firm and brisk smacks.

“When you gonna stop being such a bad girl?” she asks. Bryanna turns her head a little and says that she’s not a bad girl but her Stepmom, without missing a beat in her steady spanking rhythm, says “You are a bad girl, good girls bring home good grades!”

This spanking is a nice 11 minute clip of almost constant smacks on poor Bryanna’s pert bum. Her Mom starts of firmly and quite deliberately spanking her pretty bottom but as those white cheeks get pinker and pinker the pace quickens and the force of the hand spanks increases. The last 40-ish seconds is very hard and fast as her strong hand rains down on her naughty bottom and leaves her a very healthy red color. Download the full movie only at…

Spanking Bare Butts

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