Bryanna’s Stepmom Spanks – Part 2

Bryanna's Stepmom spanks her naughty friend, Summer, over her knee

In the second part of this girl on girl disciplinary spanking movie Bryanna’s Stepmom, Audrey, has decided that Bryanna’s friend, Summer’s grades were not good enough either.

The strict stepmom tells her daughter to kneel on a chair, facing the wall but Bryanna does not move quickly enough so she gets dragged into place with some very nice hard smacks on her rosy red bottom to remind her to behave.

Then she turns her attention to Summer who has a C in her elementary education class is draped over her knee in her panties and the hand-spanking begins. “Don’t complain, study hard!” says the Mom. She smacks Summer hard and Summer is not used to being spanks so she sighs and moans as she gets her lovely plump bottom spanked. After a while her panties are pulled down and, as with Bryanna, Summer’s punishment gets harder and harder and faster and faster. The pretty Stepmom smacks hard and does not let up til the very end, her big boobs swaying in her low-cut top as she swings doen on the naughty girl’s naked bottom. Very very hot!

Finally, the spankings are over. Each girl has been humiliated by being spanked on the bare as her friend watches on but to add to the humiliation of the two girls the strict lady makes them both face the wall with their bright red bottoms poking out into the livingroom. The perfect end to a very nice spanking vid.

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