Remembering Exclusive Education 2

Nurse Clare Fonda spanks naughty Pixie in Exclusive Education 2

I can’t remember whether I’ve posted the above photo before but I was just browsing and came across it so I thought I’d put it up. The pic is from Clare Fonda’s spanking epic “Exclusive Education 2” and this is near the end when it becomes apparent that Amber Pixie Wells deserves a very long, hard OTK paddling from the nurse.

The story goes like this: Clare Fonda is teaching sex education to a class when she discovers a rude drawing. None of the class own up to having drawn the obscene picture so the whole class is spanked by the teacher, Kayla Synz, and Principal, Lana. Eventually after several rounds of spankings the guilty lady is ratted out by one of her classmates and Clare takes great pleasure in striking her naughty bottom hard for making her embarrassed at the front of the class while teaching a delicate subject.

As you might expect with Pixie being spanked by Clare Fonda… it’s a very hard paddling. To indicate how hard it is in the movies you can see Lana almost in disbelief as the hairbrush hits her rosy cheeks… and Lana is a very hard spanker herself. From the photo you can also see the girls expressions as they are lined up watching the spectacle. Their faces show you that this is a real punishment and Amber Pixie Wells will be sore for some time to come.

Yep, Clare really pushes out the boat with this spanking and while it’s been on her site a little while now it’s well worth a repeat viewing. If you’ve not seen this class full of babes get a jolly good spanking then you can download it along with plenty more girl-girl and mother daughter spankings all at…

Clare Fonda’s Girl Spanks Girl

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