Clare spanks Bart

Clare Fonda punishes Bart for cheating on her in this Femdom spanking

This femdom spanking scene comes from Clare Fonda’s F/M spanking website: Clare Spanks Men. The sexy cougar is always spanking the cute girls in her life but here we see she can be equally strict with men whose behaviour she disapproves of.

In this scene the horny cougar is jealous of Bart, who is her houseguest but who had brought a dumb slut over to party. Clare had only let him stay with her due to her wanting to get laid, so when he goes and sleeps around with other, younger ladies she gets angry. When she comes back he’s still sniffing the girl’s panties but Clare grabs him and drags him over her knee for a spanking., she even pulls down his shorts for a bare bottom spanking with her hand and the hairbrush…

Clare has taken on her cute friend Bart as a houseguest for some “friends with benefits” action but he has broken the rule of having young dumb sluts over. Clare catches him with a pair of another girls panties and it is over her knee for a searing bare ass spanking with hand and hairbrush until he remembers just whose bitch he is. If there is going to be anyone’s sex toy it will be for the lady of the house who is letting him stay for free. Clare gives him an ass he can’t even sit down on.

Clare Fonda punishes Bart for cheating on her in this Femdom spanking gallery

We don’t normally have Femdom here but this is a good example of Clare dishing out the goods to a man. See plenty more Femdom, with Clare Fonda and her girlfriends getting the upper hand with the badly behaved men on Clare Spanks Men.

Clare Spanks Men

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