Spanking After Confession

In The confessor: Amber it’s “another day, another victim” for evil confessor Sarah and her helper Katie. Sarah plays a kinky latex-clad nun who gets to spank misbehaving ladies who come to her. With the help of her assistant, Katie, the two mature ladies discipline all the naughty English ladies. On this particular day nobody has anything to confess, nobody needs a spanking! Sarah is dismayed because now she doesn’t have any work to do. She tells Katie to go and get the maid so she can spank her instead. The maid, Amber, has done nothing wrong but the innocent girl is about to get the same punishment all the naughty girls get from Nun Sarah. Not content with spanking her she makes her strip and then she and Katie leather her bottom with a wicked strap.

There seem to be a lot of ladies in spanking called Amber, but this is the first time we’ve seen this one, and she’s English. She gets completely naked and shows off her snow white body and little perky tits and gets her bottom spanked and strapped with a tawse until it’s black and blue. Watch the full scene only at Spanking Sarah!

Spanking Sarah

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