Amber Update

West spanks Amber
West spanks Amber

It’s been a while since we posted about this Amber so here’s an update of some of the recent updates on her website. Amber is one of those delicious varieties of spanking enthusiast that are referred to as switches, so while all three of these scenes see Amber getting her own bottom spanked the spankings often go both ways.

In the first scene, Amber is playing with a pigtailed cutie called West in what is as beautiful as it is erotic. The two ladies are pretty much naked thoughout this scene, and here Amber herself is only wearing a tiny, pink thong while West spanks her with a leather paddle. This scene is typical of many of Ambers girl-girl spankings, she invites her cute girlfriends over and they get naked together in a sexual blur or lesbianism and spanking. While some scenes that include lesbian spanking can tend to be quite gentle, Amber and her girlfriends enjoy both the sugary sweet delights of lesbian sex and also quite hard spankings.

Kay spanks Amber
Kay spanks Amber

Another of Amber’s girlfriends is Kay. Kay is a sturdy black girl with large boobs and a firm hand. She sets to work on Amber’s bottom until it is time to caress, kiss and make-up on the bed.

Amber gets a Daddy spanking then gives a blowjob
Amber gets a “Daddy spanking” then gives her “Daddy” a blowjob

Finally, we see that there is some M/F spanking on Spank Amber when her real-life “Daddy” gives her a punishment. Whether it’s with the hand or an implement the M/F spanking here tend to be very hard. This spanking is no exception. Amber bends over with her hands resting on the sofa and her ass in the air. Her panties and pulled down her legs and with her legs wide open they are right down at her knees. All this gives her Daddy a fantastic view of naughty Amber as he spanks her bare bottom with his hand. But, whereas with the F/F spankings there is often some sexy lesbian fondling after the spanking, here Amber thanks her “Daddy” for the spanking with a nice blowjob.

Spank Amber

EDIT: It looks like Amber no longer has a spanking website. Her website is now dedicated mainly to glamour and hardcore sex, but you’ll still find some spanking there.

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