Dani Jensen

Dani Jensen looks angelic but Clare Fonda wants some answers from her

Dani Jensen is a smoking hot redheaded pornstar, I don’t have to tell you how cute she is you can see for yourself. You may have seen Dani doing hardcore porn or glamour shoots but this is certainly the first time we’ve seen her get her bottom spanked… and not before time!

Dani Jensen gets spanked OTK on her bare bottom

At Spanked Sweeties they interview all the models and ask them about their spanking experiences and how they feel about spankings. Then, after the interview they’ll act out real-life spankings they may have had in the past, or if they’ve never been spanked their first spanking might be a fantasy they’ve had.

Whether they’ve been spanked or not there is normally some naughtiness that needs punishing, and Dani is no exception. Dani was spanked by her mother growing up and like with all pornstars, she has a profession that many would see as being spankable in it’s own right. Here, in this scene it looks like Dani has done something to Clare’s ornament. Whatever the reason Clare is none too happy. Luckily for everyone there is something called spanking that will fix everything… well, almost everything… it might not fix anything but it’s always well-deserved, especially in this case…

Clare pulls down her panties and spreads Dani's legs for a spanking against the wall

This scene starts at Spanked Sweeties on Monday, August 1st!

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