Smoking leads to Sarah’s Butt on Fire!

Sarah Gregory gets spanked to tears in Butt on Fire

When Dana Specht catches naughty Sarah Gregory experimenting with smoking in her livingroom it is time to give the naughty lady a rude awakening. Dana immediately sits herself down and pulls Sarah over her lap, in the picture above. Obviously furious that Sarah should choose to smoke a cigarette at all, and espeically indoors, Dana does not go easy on the naughty girl at all. In fact, even a lady who is well used to being spanked, Sarah cries real tears as Dana tries to spank some sense into her.

Sarah Gregory gets spanked to tears in “Butt on Fire” gallery

The gallery is screencaps from the scene, to watch the full movie and plenty more spanking adventures in the life of this bratty babe, take a look at her website: Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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