2 Babes get a Brisk Paddling movies

Two naughty girls at the boarding school get their buttocks spanked hard with the paddle

One thing you can definitely say about the Girls Boarding School is that the punishments of the sexy students are all very real. There are sites out there with some or all of the spankings being soft and not mean to hurt. Not here! Check out these double paddling movies.

We’ve featured the black girl, Sally, here before and it is always a pleasure to see her naughty ebony buttocks. It’s also a nice combination: one black girl and one white girl, both in a lot of trouble!!

These clips are all about bubble butts getting a sharp crack of the paddle and quivering deliciously. I particularly like the way the girls are completely naked from the waist down and are being punished standing up, facing the wall with their hands on their heads. Their exposed pussies and lack of balance as the hard smacks land on their bottoms makes compulsive viewing. It’s well worth seeing the full scene, only at…

Girls Boarding School

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