Downblouse Spanking

Chelsea Pfeiffer spanks Lily Cade OTK and gives us a nice downblouse view

This photo comes from one of the latest updates at Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking. A lot of the time photos from a scene will be in the classic, front-on OTK spanking style, this is a little different. The view over Chelsea’s shoulder gives an intimate view of Lily Cade’s bare bottom and a lovely view downblouse view of Chelsea’s breasts.

This scene is called “Your Apples are Hanging Out!” and shows what happens when Chelsea Pfeiffer takes a look at how Lily Cade presents herself for a job interview. From the scene title you can get an idea of what Chelsea thought of Lily’s dress-style, but luckily she’s about to put things right and rectify the situation with a firm, OTK spanking.

Lily Cade is pretty new on the spanking scene and from this scene we can see that she will be very popular. The sexy, short-haired redhead is wearing a pair of grey trouser pants that hug her curvy bottom and thighs as she lies over Chelsea’s lap. That view is sexy enough but soon the trousers and panties get pulled down and she is spanked on the bare, as you can see.

Another thing you can see from the photo, above, is that Chelsea is wearing a ring on her spanking hand. That looks unusual, I can’t remember having seen that before. Looks painful!

Check out this full spanking movie and many more at Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking.

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