Sarah gets Diapered

Sarah Gregory gets spanked in diapers

Sarah Gregory is a sexy and sassy spanking model who is exploring the world of AB play on Naughty Diaper Girls . In this diaper drama she is a young lady who is forced to dress in a very old fashioned manner. One day Sarah is teased for the “granny panties” she has on and the mean girls taunt her so much she wets! The school nurse puts her in a diaper and she walks home while we see the camera looking up her dress! Poor embarrassed Sarah finally shows her mother, Clare Fonda, what she had to wear and mom is so angry she takes Sarah over her knee and spanks her on her diaper til she wiggles and moans. Poor Sarah- mom finally puts a fresh diaper on her and promises to be more patient with her sensitive little girl.

Sarah Gregory gets spanked in diapers – gallery

If you like this kinkier side of spanking, Naughty Diaper Girls, has lots of very fetishy diaper-training, age-play, insertions, masturbation and, of course, spankings.

Naughty Diaper Girls

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