The Piano Lesson Spankings

The Piano Lesson Spankings

When an 18 year old girl starts having piano lessons and her piano teacher insists that she wear a school uniform to each lesson she could probably have guessed that the strict teacher was all about discipline and would not take any nonsense. As it turns out not only is the teacher strict but she is also more than willing to discipline her students with a firm OTK hand spanking if they do not pay attention and perform well.

These sample clips from “The Piano Lesson” movie show the naughty girl getting a spanking in one lesson. Then, in the next lesson, she is joined by another girl and the girl’s equally strict mother for an extra humiliating spanking. Needless to say both students of music get a full and proper spanking and there is even some bare-bottom caning in this excellent British spanking movie…

Watch the Full Movie at Pure Spanking

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